15 - 18 November 2023
Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur



Dear Distinguished Guests, Speakers, Asia-Pacific Biomechanics members and conference delegates.

Please accept my warm welcome to attend the upcoming 12th Asian-Pacific Conference on Biomechanics happening at the city centre of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Although the COVID pandemic made a lot of changes in our life routine chores and restricted our travel activities crossing the boarders, it never stops our initiatives to continuously educating the next generation through organising this physical AP Biomechanics 2023 Conference.

We have attempted to replicate the spirit of original “conference” written by Plato, the great Greek philosopher. As he quoted, we have been preparing various “forums” to discuss the truth and beauty of science, technology and education, while celebrating our global friendships in this AP Biomechanics 2023 conference.

The AP Biomechanics 2023 Organizing Committee members have been working extremely hard to prepare this conference. The success of this scientific conference will be portrayed in a way how it will be programmed bringing experts from the Asian Pacific regions to present/share a wide range of latest topics/breakthroughs in the field of biomechanics and biomedical engineering.

Not only that, this conference will provide a platform for poster/oral/award presentations for the research groups in their respective field as well as will bring an opportunity to exchanging the knowledge with speakers through forums/discussions. We also strongly follow the principle, ‘publish or perish’. Therefore, we have prepared the platform to publish your paper  presented in the conference as a conference proceeding.

We also believe that the AP Biomechanics 2023 will give you a far-reaching experience to embrace the knowledge and novel ideas in the field of biomechanics and biomedical engineering. This platform will also foster to enhance research networking/collaboration among the teams across the Asian Pacific regions and this will support the initiative of new breakthroughs. Furthermore, your physical presence will give you a mind blowing experience enjoying the richness of Malaysia with beautiful forest and high rising building like the famous Petronas Twin tower at the city centre. With this once again I warmly welcome all of you to join the Asian Pacific Biomechanics 2023 conference and see you soon in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

 Noor Azuan Bin Abu Osman
Department of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
University of Malaya

Organizing Committee
International Scientific Committee
Program Committee
Steering Committee



Noor Azuan bin Abu Osman, UM


Juliana binti Usman, UM


Nooranida Arifin, UM


Hanie Nadia Shasmin, UM

Program Scientific & Technical

Muhamad Noor Harun, UTM

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Aizreena Azaman, UTM

Chok Cheun Leang, ISN


Rizal Mohd Razman, UM

Siti Nur Khairunnisa Mad Arifin, ISN

Desdemona Mollon, ISN


Yeap Ming Wei, ISN


Shazlin Shaharudin, USM

Yallini Selva, ISN


Krishnamurithy A/L Genasan

Mohd Shukri Hadafi Md Nor, PTM-UM

Siti Noor Rabiatul Madia Binti Malek Razuan, UM

Public & Industry Relation

Nasrul Anuar Abd Razak, UM

Yuvaraj A/L Ramasamy, ISN

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